Warehousing criminals won't "fix" them any more than storing your broken TV in the garage will make it work again. They need to change from the inside out. “You Can Recover From a Fall” InnerChange Freedom Initiative IFI ministries brings about change by changing ex-prisoners from the inside out. We at Shiloh Community Church believe that it is not enough simply to incarcerate lawbreakers. Punishment must include opportunity for rehabilitation in order to limit the prison population and give offenders an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. Lasting change comes from the inside out, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Shiloh Community Church has no way of measuring the results of additional Evangelism and Discipleship opportunities God gives these new “soldiers for Christ” when they return to their communities.

One of the joys awaiting all of us is to see the true impact of the miracles God has performed when we are with Jesus in Heaven!

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